Kampeni za Kijamii

“Kampeni za Kijamii” (Community Campaigns), is an initiatives by kandanda.co.tz website for community activities. An interested NGO’s or any institutions now can run their community campaigns on our webisite freely.

These campaigns should Not-be Profit making campaigns and not be involved with Politics or Religions. Should be that touches the community.

The owner shall provide us with a graphic banner that has 728*90 px in Jpeg, GIF or PNG. If you need us to design for you, there are some charges for it. These banners shall be posted on our website.

Website benefits:

The owner shall recognize and mention us (our website) in their Publications and Announcements as part of aknwoldegement of our support.


Email: habari@kandanda.co.tz or call ‭+255 762 342 277‬